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CW Design exists to provide a quality, sustainable, landscape masterpiece that brings blooms of beauty year after year. Often, landscape contractors use products and plant materials that can be purchased in bulk quantities and do not understand entomology and the growth pattern of plant material. CW Design’s mission is to create a unique and professional landscape design for residential, estates, and commercial properties that is sustainable.

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Sustainable Landscape Design:

The main goals of sustainable landscape design are to conserve water and energy, reduce waste and decrease toxic materials used. In order to achieve these goals residential gardens should treat water as a resource, value soil, preserve existing plants and conserve material resources. Christopher believes sustainable landscape can be achieved using natural element materials that require minimal maintenance and will weather beautifully throughout the years. Esthetic can easily be achieved using sustainable products and without using chemicals.

Natural landscape is a combination of scale, seasonal and perennial color, with a mix of native wild plants. While designing the hardscape of a natural garden, depth and natural fertilization can be achieved by the implementation of deciduous compact trees, evergreens, and berry producing shrubs.


Each landscape designer distinguishes themselves by observing the pallet, understanding their client’s needs, and forming the design. Knowing and understanding your landscape designer is imperative to the successful completion of your project. 

Christopher’s design is based on fifteen (15) years of experience and education in landscape design. Christopher specialize’s in hardscape, container, perennial and annual plants, formal and tropical landscapes, formal rose gardens, and  patio design. Christopher is licensed with the state of Kentucky and is currently working on his national license. He works with experienced and licensed landscape architects when necessary to achieve the client’s vision. Any type of boxwood is a favored hardscape or container staple, along with industrial (non-chemically treated) metals and woods, stone, and brick elements to form a formal or natural esthetic. Christopher is able to blend the client’s visions and ideas with CW Design’s portfolio, and bring to life a true gardening masterpiece. The meticulous and well executed design provides a one of the kind landscape as well as added property value.

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